[English Version] – The Chin Journal (TCJ) was founded by enthusiastic Chin youngsters from Australia and Myanmar in 2016. Our aim is to deliver accurate information to the Chin people in our own language, and bring out the voice of the Chin people who are the most underrepresented ethnic minority in Myanmar.

We cover breaking news, politics, economics, and social issues affecting Chin society. As a part of the expansion of our operation, we have published news in both Chin and Burmese languages on Facebook (The Chin Journal | Facebook), and in English on Twitter (The Chin Journal (@thechinjournal)) since 2021.

[Chin Version] – The Chin Journal (TCJ) cu 2016 ah Yangon le Australia ah a ummi mino hna i bawm in rak dirhmi Lai Online News Agency a si.

Chinram khuapi Hakha ah Main Office kan on i, Yangon zong ah pehtlaihnak zung kan on. Abikin, Hakha, Thantlang le Yangon ah kan cawlcaang i, hmun dangdang Laimi khuasaknak Gangaw, Kalay le Thlanglei Laitlang zong ah pehtlaitu minung kan chiah hna.

February 2016 ah Ministry of Information (MOI) nih Myanmar ramchung ah phungning tein Media rianttuannak License No. 00059 a kan pek.


TCJ cu zeibantuk ramkhel bu, biaknak bu le zatlang bu he hmanh pehtlaihnak a ngei lomi News Agency a si i, ramkhel, biaknak le pumpak/bu ruahnak le tlaihtleng hoih in thawngzamh fak piin kan kham. Journalism nuncan ziaza panga he aa ruang in a zalongmi, thleidannak a ngei lomi, ttuanvo laknak a ngeimi, mi nunnak a upatmi le adik/ahmaanmi thawngpang pawl Laimi sin ah phakter kan i zuam zungzal.


TCJ cu Laimi Media rianttuannak tthancho chin ding in aa zuammi kan si bang in atulio kan rianttuantu hna zong Journalism lei ah cawnnak a ngeimi kan si hna. Minung thar kan lak tik ah thla 2 chung Internship bantuk in Journalism cawnnak ngeih buin rianttuanter an si.

Cu hnu lawnglawng ah cun caantling rianttuantu ah fehter an si. Atulio ah TCJ nih Yangon ah rianttuantu chungtel 2, Hakha ah 4 le Thantlang ah pakhat tiin kan i ngeih hna. Gangaw le Kalay ah pehtlaitu minung pakhat veve le Thlanglei Laitlang ah pehtlaitu minung pakhat tiin kan chiah hna.


Page ah a kan lengtu le careltu nan zapi cung ah kan i lawm. TCJ nih kan tarmi ca kong Comment pek le Share tik ah thawngpang he aa pehtlai lo piin minung pakhatkhat/bu soiselnak le thangchiatnak nan tuah hrimhrim lai lo. Cun, kan thawngpang nan Share/Copy tik ah kan tlangtar (Topic) le a chungbia nan thleng hrimhrim lai lo (asiloah) sullam dang chuahter in cabia nan thleng lai lo.

Contact: [email protected]