Bomb Puah Sualnak in “Salai Bawi Za Ceu” a Nunnak a Liam

Nihin July 5 ah Thantlang peng ralram hmun khat ah bomb puah sualnak in CDF-Thantlang ralkap Salai Bawi Za Ceu a nunnak a liam, tiah thawng kan theih.

Bomb an tonghthammi nih minung pahnih a puah hnawh hna i Salai Bawi Za Ceu hi a hmun ah a nunnak a liam. A dang pakhat hliamhma a pu.

Hliamhma a pumi hi CDF-Thantlang Commander-in-Chief a ttuan liomi Salai Cung Hlei Thawng a si, tiah a theitu hna nih The Chin Journal ah an chim.

SAC ralhrang doh ding in pum a pemi Laimi mino tam nawn bomb puah sual ruang ah an nunnak a liam cang.

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