Chin capital cancels all festive celebrations of Christmas and New Year

In a statement issued on November 11, Christian leaders in Chin State capital Hakha urged churches to refrain from holding any festive celebrations of Christmas and New Year.

“It has been two years since we could not celebrate Christmas and New Year events. After due consideration, we once again decided to call off all festive celebrations of 2022 Christmas and New Year in Hakha. Churches may hold normal worship service on these occasions,” the statement reads.

The statement carries further instructions on how the churches and Christian families should decorate their properties. Churches are advised to decorate only an interior part of the church building. The same goes to Christian family homes.

“We understand that Christmas and New Year are one of the most important festivals among the Chin people. However, how can we be able to joyfully celebrate these events while many of our Chin people are suffering in the jungle camps and foreign refugee camps,” a Christian leader who requested to conceal his identity for security reason told The Chin Journal.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic and the military coup, Christians across Chin State celebrated Christmas and New Year festivals in the most meaningful ways.

For Chin Christians, Christmas is not only the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth, but also a time for renewing family bond. Relatives across the globe would come back to Chin State and spend time together with their loved ones.

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