Myanmar Junta’s Airstrike Forces more than 500 Villagers to Flee to India

Myanmar junta’s aerial assault on the Arakan Army (AA) in Chin State’s Paletwa Township have forced more than 500 villagers to flee to the India’s side of Mizoram State.

An armed clash between the Rakhine ethnic armed force AA and the Myanmar junta army occurred near Meik-wah village, Paletwa Township on September 1.

“We dare not stay in the village. It was terrifying. Junta’s aerial bombs landed near our village. We had to flee our homes,” said a villager.

All Meik-wah villagers fled their homes. Most of them crossed Indo-Burma border and entered into Mizoram State.

Local news outlets in Mizoram reported that over 560 refugees from Myanmar arrived in four villages in Lawngtlai District on September 2.

The Mizoram government’s report on the refugee influx last month estimated Myanmar refugee population in Mizoram to be over 30,000.

Chin humanitarian groups operating in Mizoram believe that approximately 40,000 Myanmar refugees from Chin State are currently sheltering in Mizoram State.

Hnubik Thawngpang

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