Myanmar junta’s shelling kills a teenage boy, two injured

By Van Bawi Lian | Myanmar junta’s shelling on November 15 at around 10:30pm in Chin State’s Hakha killed a 14-year-old boy, Shalom Van, and injured two workers from Moe Hein Drinking Water Company.

Salom and the other two were taking a night watch duty at the drinking water factory when the junta’s shell fell on their location.

“They were assigned to perform a night watch duty at the factory. The junta’s shell hit the house where they were in. Shalom died on the spot and the two workers sustained injuries. They were taken to Hakha General Hospital,” source close to relatives told The Chin Journal.

This is the second incident of Myanmar junta’s indiscriminate firing at residential areas in Hakha this month.

The first incident took place on November 7 at around 8:30pm in Hakhathar ward when the junta soldiers at Hakhathar check point released several rounds of gunfire which injured a 60-year-old woman.

Hnubik Thawngpang

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